What is the Patriot Tour?

The Patriot Tour featuring Marcus Luttrell, retired Navy SEAL and Author of ‘Lone Survivor’, and Taya Kyle, author of ‘American Wife’ brings together the best things in life.... family, service, sacrifice, and community.

The Patriot Tour features Marcus Luttrell, retired Navy SEAL and author of ‘Lone Survivor’ which recounts the heroic sacrifices of fellow SEAL Team members assigned to Operation Red Wing.  On June 28, 2005, Luttrell and three other SEALs were assigned to Operation Red Wing, a mission to kill or capture Ahmad Shah, a high-ranking Taliban leader.  A group of goat herders stumbled upon the SEALs, and the four SEALs immediately took control of the situation and ultimately decided to release the herders. Luttrell believed they immediately betrayed the team’s location to local Taliban forces and within an hour, the SEALs were engaged in an intense gun battle. In the ensuing battle, the rest of the SEAL team members were killed.  An MH-47 Chinook helicopter was dispatched to rescue the team, but the helicopter was shot down. All 16 men on the Chinook were killed.

Luttrell was the only survivor. Badly wounded, he managed to walk and crawl seven miles to evade capture. He was given shelter by an Afghan tribe, who alerted the Americans of his presence, and American forces finally rescued him.  Following his physical recovery from Operation Redwing, Luttrell returned and completed one more tour before being medically retired. He wrote the book, Lone Survivor, to share the amazing story of his brothers who paid the ultimate sacrifice. In 2013, Lone Survivor became a major motion picture starring Marc Wahlberg.

Joining Luttrell on stage is Taya Kyle author of ‘American Wife’ and wife of the late Chris Kyle, “American Sniper,” Navy SEAL, New York Times Best Selling author, and perhaps the deadliest man to ever peer through the scope of a military rifle. Since his tragic death in February of 2013, Taya has focused on keeping the spirit of his service alive.

The Patriot Tour brings together the best things in life…. family, service, sacrifice and community featuring heartfelt speakers each sharing their stories of perseverance and each embodying the fight for freedom, the fight for team and the fight for a rich and vibrant life. Born of the desire to serve and to bring hope and change, the Patriot Tour is bringing together communities who embody the spirit of Team Never Quit and Marcus Luttrell.

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